Hawaiian Choice exists to help people lead better, happier and more productive lives – we know that’s ambitious, but what better motivation is there? We believe in the power of CBD to do this and feel that the world has only scratched the surface of this amazing compound’s potential. We’re excited to be sharing our product and our journey with you. Shop our range of CBD Oil from Hawaii.


What Hawaiian Choice stands for:


  • We only use CBD grown in the USA – while it is available cheaper from overseas imports, we value the testing and regulation that ensures that our CBD is sourced from certified industrial hemp grown and cultivated without herbicides or pesticides, and is free from heavy metals.
  • We source only high quality terpenes from an established and responsible market-leading producer.Through our connections we have access to hard-to-find, small batch quality organic, non-GMO produce grown and gathered by local farmers. You just won’t find this in the supermarket shelves.
  • We even go the extra mile with our packaging, with:
    • Sprays caps on our tinctures, and large lids of our gels, making it easier for those with restricted movement
    • Dark, frosted glass bottle to protect the product


  • All of our raw ingredients are traceable, so we can guarantee quality and consistency.
  • We conduct multiple independent lab tests through the formulation and production processes.
  • We provide online access to these independent lab test reports on our website.
  • We use batch numbers so every bottle can be identified to a specific lab report, available in the Batch section of our website.


  • We consider sustainability across our entire business and hope soon to announce an initiative focused specifically on this
  • We work with partners who practise responsible and sustainable practises. The plants used to manufacture our products are grown using organic and sustainable farming practices
  • We’re always working towards making our operation more sustainable

Giving back

  • We don’t just want to improve people’s lives with our products. We believe in social responsibility are committed to giving back. Hawaiian Choice is proud to partner with The Pineda Foundation, seeking to educate, inspire and inform a global audience about the capabilities and potential of young people with disabilities.


  • In formulating our product line we engaged with our customers and other leaders, experts and advocates of CBD to create what they really wanted. We want to hear from you. Of course we love hearing how much you enjoy our products, what started your interest it CBD and your experiences. We’re also constantly striving to improve, so love hearing how we can do that.