Hawaiian Choice CBD Oil Terpenes include Limonene

What are terpenes and how do terpenes work?

Learn what terpenes are, where they come from and how they can enhance specific mental and physical effects in Hawaiian Choice CBD oils.
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Woman with anxiety, stress, needing to relax

Need help with stress and sleep? See how Hawaiian Choice’s Relax CBD may work for you

CBD may ease stress and aid sleep, but did you know that terpenes can amplify specific effects for greater relaxation than CBD alone?
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CBD and Japan: All Your Questions Answered

At Hawaiian Choice, we sell a lot of our CBD products in tourist locations in Hawaii. As such, we get asked a lot of questions about the legality of CBD in Japan. Here we answer all your questions about taking CBD to Japan and busying CBD in Japan.
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Dogs on CBD

Human vs. Pet CBD. What’s The Difference?

Does pet CBD oil contain the same CBD as CBD oil for humans? Can pets take human CBD? Can I take my pet's CBD? All your pet CBD oil questions answered.
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Hawaii Hemp Farm

Hawaii Enacts New Hemp Law, Ushering in Bright Future for Agriculture, CBD

Hawaii's Governor Ige signs the Hawaii Hemp Bill HB1819 into law, ushering in a bright future for Hawaii agriculture, producers of hemp and CBD products, local retailers, spas, health food stores and Hawaii’s consumers.
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Adam "Griz" Ryan

Legally blind avid hiker discusses his ailments and the CBD he uses

Video: Hiker who lost 95% of his visual field due to an allergic reaction talks about the medicines, natural products and CBD he has tried.
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