CBD for focus: using cannabidiol for concentration

Exploring the link between CBD and concentration could be beneficial in helping people feel more energetic, as well as increasing their productivity and focus.
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CBD for weight loss: can CBD speed up your metabolism?

THC is often associated with stimulating hunger or ‘the munchies’ but CBD can influence our metabolism in a different way.
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The truth about CBD oil: Facts & Myths

Confused about CBD oil and what’s actually true?
We’ve clarified some of the facts from the fiction to give you a better understanding of cannabidiol oil.
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Coca-Cola’s plans for CBD infused drinks

Coca-Cola is no stranger to experimenting with soft drinks. The 132 year old company has recently been diversifying their products, expanding into other drinks such as tea and mineral water and even announcing their acquirement of the Costa Coffee chain.
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Using CBD oil for sleep

Do you wake up feeling like you’ve hardly slept? Perhaps you find it difficult to drift off at night? Read on to discover the benefits of CBD oil for sleep and find out how CBD interacts with the brain and body to promote rest and relaxation.
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