How much CBD Oil should you take?

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We have put together a guide for you to understand how Hawaiian Choice measures the dosage of our CBD Oil 750mg/30ml products alongside some advice as to how much CBD oil to take and why.

Hawaiian Choice offers four full-spectrum CBD oil products that can be taken to help you rest, recover and sleep (Relax), help you stay alert (Focus), help you exercise and control your diet (Active) and help you deal with pain and inflammation (Relief).

If you are new to taking CBD oil then choosing a dosage can seem confusing. This because of two principal reasons:

  • The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recognises CBD as a supplement and has not created a recommended daily intake (RDI) for CBD. This means it does not have an official serving size.
  • Everybody is different. There is no single dose that works for everyone because each person has a unique physiology. One person may be highly receptive to a small dose whereas another might need a larger dose to reach optimal results. Moreover, our own physiology can change over our own life. There is nobody who knows your body as you do!

So there is not a universal ‘correct’ dose because there are multiple factors that might affect how your body responds to CBD. These include age, sex, weight, current health level and whether or not you are taking other pharmaceutical medication. Different reasons for taking CBD can affect dosage too. People taking CBD oil for pain relief might benefit from a higher dosage than someone taking it to focus better at work.

With all these things to consider, where do you start?

Calibration is the key

The ‘COR’ Serving Standard is 25mg of CBD, taken twice dailyCBD Oil Review

At Hawaiian Choice, we have based our dosage on 25mg as a full dose. We recommend taking a full dose once or twice every day for the first week to 10 days in order to reach saturation. At this point, you can then calibrate it to your needs.

Our mix is 750mg per 30ml bottle, which means 25 mg CBD per 1 ml. Our sprays deliver 0.4ml liquid in a full spray, so 2 – 3 sprays per dose.

Many of our Hawaiian Choice clients report that they can cut back to a smaller, even half dose and still maintain efficacy. It’s really about listening to your own body to see what it needs.

An exception to the above suggestion is using Relax for stress and anxiety during the day rather than at night to sleep, in which case smaller doses of 1 – 2 sprays is suggested at least while you’re learning what works for you; unless you’re ok with catching a few unplanned Zzzz’s.

When to take CBD oil?

The time of day to take Hawaiian Choice CBD Oil depends on which product and the desired effects. Again it’s about listening to your body and experimenting with your approach.

With Relax, if used for sleep, we suggest 30 mins before going to bed. For stress and anxiety, smaller doses when you need them.

Use Active for appetite control and energy; it’s a great way to start the day, but it can also be used 30 mins before exercise to give an extra boost. We advise against using soon before you’re planning to sleep.

Use a dose of Focus whenever concentration is needed, but as with Active, avoid using close to when you’re planning to sleep

Relief should be tailored to suit the type of pain patterns experienced, but if in doubt, take in the morning.

Record your experience

It is recommended that you keep a note of how your CBD dosage is affecting you as to best work out the ideal time and dose for you. With Hawaiian Choice CBD oils, we advise taking a full dosage (25mg) once or twice a day for ten days to reach full saturation before making any changes. Paying attention, listening to your body and making notes is key. Also, let us know how Hawaiian Choice is working for you, we would love to hear about your results!

Can you overdose on CBD oil?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) released their first report on CBD considering it a ‘generally well tolerated with a good safety profile’ and stating that ‘to date, there is no evidence of the recreational use of CBD or any public health-related problems associated with the use of pure CBD’. – WHO Nov 2017

Another way of seeing it is ‘having too much of a good thing’, especially when just starting out. You can definitely give your body more CBD Oil than it actively needs, hence the need to self-calibrate. And knowing you’re not taking more than you need will certainly be kinder on your wallet too!

Consult your doctor

If you have any reservations about taking CBD Oil or if you are already on some form of medication, consult with your doctor or a medical professional. They may have a general idea of how your body might react to CBD oil. However, be aware that, currently, many doctors may be hesitant to suggest cannabinoids because a) Physicians aren’t allowed to prescribe anything without an RDA (universal dose) and b) The drug curriculum in medical schools don’t cover CBD therapy in their pharmacology courses.

So, how much CBD Oil should you take?

Telling you how much CBD oil to take hasn’t got a singular, straightforward answer because every person is different and, like your mother always said, you are unique. The main thing to take away from this is that you have control of what you put in your system, so make sure you choose a quality product you trust, check the lab testing, listen to your body and calibrate accordingly.