Our Ingredients

We use the finest quality CBD from organic Hawaiian hemp, terpenes and real Hawaiian fruits and honey. Nothing artificial. Third-party lab test reports let you know what is and isn’t in all of our products.


Premium broad spectrum CBD from hemp grown in beautiful Hawaii



Hawaiian and organic or wild-crafted fruits, essences and honey



Natural, aromatic oils that differentiate the effects of our tinctures


Lab Testing

Each batch of every product is third party lab tested.

Premium Taste. Premium Scent. Premium Feel.

Have you tried CBD and wished it tasted or smelled better? At Hawaiian Choice, we make it our mission to elevate the flavor and scent of our premium CBD.

We add all-natural Hawaiian and organic or wild-crafted fruits, essential oils or honey to all of our products.

Whether it’s the delicious flavors of Lilikoʻi (Passion Fruit) or Pineapple in our tinctures and edible jellies or the pure essences of Lemongrass and Eucalyptus in our topical gel, you know you’re experiencing something uniquely Hawaiian.

Please explore our ingredient pages to see the detail and quality control that goes into each of our products. Find out what makes our premium CBD the Hawaiian Choice.