Hawaiian Hemp

Our CBD oil comes from hemp grown in beautiful Hawaii, USA. Consistent sunshine, trade winds, tropical rain and mineral rich red dirt nourish the plants. The CBD extracted from these exceptional hemp plants is uniquely special. We hope that in addition to the health and wellness benefits of CBD, that our oil can also help you feel the spirit of the islands.

Hawaii has always been an agricultural hub and was home to companies producing massive quantities of pineapple and sugar cane. In fact, Hawaii's sugar plantations once supplied one-tenth of the sugar that was consumed across the continental United States. Now, the big agricultural companies have moved their operations to places with cheaper costs. We are proud to support a new form of agriculture in Hawaii and be part of a more sustainable future for our islands.

All of the hemp that our CBD oil is extracted from is 2018 Farm Bill certified. It is crucial that we know exactly where our CBD comes from and we value the relationships we have built that ensure we're getting and giving the best. There are certainly cheaper sources of CBD from elsewhere across the United States and abroad, but for us, trust and quality are more important than cutting costs and corners.

Broad Spectrum / Zero THC

Our CBD extract starts out as a full spectrum Oil, which means that, unlike a CBD Isolate, it contains the rich blend of additional cannabinoids and terpenes that enable the health benefits of the “entourage” effect. The THC is then filtered out to produce a Broad Spectrum CBD Oil with Zero THC (below lab detectable levels) and no psychoactive effects. Without THC, our products can be sold in places with very strict laws against THC, including Japan.