Helping you exercise and control your appetite

30ml bottle / 750mg

Active Zero THC is a CBD oil that helps with energy levels and contains a mild appetite suppressant. This CBD oil is useful for those who would like to improve their lifestyle, get fit or stay healthy. The Active CBD oil could provide you with many benefits.


Natural Produce

The Active CBD oil contains:

  • Delta 3 Carene – 15% – removes excess fluids, anti-inflammatory, bone growth
  • Humulene – 15% – appetite suppressant, anti-inflammatory, pain relief
  • Limonene – 70% – gastric, energy, focus, inflammation, uplifting

All of the CBD oils are full spectrum oils made from natural ingredients including organic Hawaiian fruit and honey. All products are full spectrum hemp oils from the whole plant with 750mg of pure CBD.

Premium Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Lilikoʻi (Passionfruit)

Our extract comes from small batches of wild fruit gathered on the North Shore of Oʻahu and the island of Hawaiʻi.


Our hibiscus comes from a non-profit organization on North Shore of Oʻahu, focused on sustainable farming.

ʻŌlena (Turmeric)

Turmeric is believed to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and perhaps even anti-cancer properties. This award-winning turmeric is grown in small batches on Oʻahu, and is widely recognized for its flavor and excellent quality.


Among its many uses, Noni is believed to help repair damaged cells in the body and activate the immune system. Our Noni comes from a family farm on Oʻahu.

Mānoa Honey

Gathered from bees living in the rainforest at the back of Oʻahuʻs Mānoa Valley, this raw honey is considered an anti-oxidant powerhouse with many medicinal uses.

Guarana Seed

Sourced from Brazil, guarana seed is known for its stimulating properties which aid alertness and improve performance of mental tasks, considerably outperforming coffee.

*All fruit Hawaiʻi grown (excluding Brazilian guarana), certified organic and non-GMO.

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