Lab Tested CBD

Download our third-party lab results here

Hawaiian Choice uses two laboratories to run six to ten tests on each of our products. That means CBD potency that matches what is says on the label, Zero THC, and no illegal pesticides, solvents, microbes, spores, mycotoxins or heavy metals. Download the full reports below by using the batch number or QR code on your product’s package.

Download Batch Reports

If you don’t have a Hawaiian Choice product yet, you can type in a recent batch number to see its lab report.

  • CBD Tincture: 6627
  • CBD Pet Tincture: 6629
  • CBD Topical Gel: 6611
  • CBD Fruit Jellies: 6625

We proudly partner with Steep Hill Hawaii, a Hawaii Department of Health-certified cannabis dispensary testing laboratory, and FQ Labs, Hawaii’s premier food safety testing laboratory. Their high level of expertise, transparency and consistency are key to ensuring that we maintain the excellent standard of our products.

Steep Hill Hawaii
FQ Labs

Traveling internationally? Download our Export Declaration

For those traveling internationally, please download our Hawaiian Choice Export Declaration, which confirms our products are legally produced and contain Zero THC (below lab detectable levels). It is written in English, Japanese, Spanish, French, Chinese and Korean.

For those traveling to Japan, please also download the Japan Clinical Cannabinoid Society Cannabinoid Product Guidelines 2017.

一般社団法人日本臨床カンナビノイド学会カンナビノイド製品ガイドライン 2017 年版