Success Stories with Hawaiian Choice CBD Oil


At Hawaiian Choice, we believe our unique CBD products have the power to make a difference in people’s lives.

When we hear our client’s success stories and how our full spectrum CBD oils are changing their lives, it’s all the inspiration we need. Introducing Laura and Glen, two people who have felt the benefits of Hawaiian Choice for different reasons:

Laura – Personal Trainer


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Having tried and tested various CBD Oils over the past couple of years I am completely hooked on Hawaiian Choice. I like to use Active Oil in the morning, I feel as though it sets me up for the day ahead, and the Relax Oil in the evening. The Relax Oil really helps to calm and relax me when I have been working late and it compliments my meditation and yoga practice. The products are beautifully presented but most importantly they taste incredible. I was really surprised when I first tried Hawaiian Choice as most CBD oils have an earthy/dirt texture and taste, but these are so yummy that I have to stop myself drinking the whole bottle!

Glen – Retired Farmer

Glen's Testimonial Profile

Glen is an active, slim 74-year-old who has had a busy outdoor life as a farmer and has therefore been historically fit and mobile.
He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s about five years ago and also has type 1 diabetes. Interestingly he reports having no pain, but of course, experiences the instability associated with Parkinson’s.
He takes a number of prescription medicines.

Glen says that Hawaiian Choice has reduced his shaking and improved sleep. His sleep is calmer.
Glen has been using Hawaiian Choice Relief for over a month. And says his sleep deteriorated when he ran out. Hawaiian Choice stops him having outbursts in his sleep at night. He does not care so much about this, but it’s great for others in the household. Glen thinks Hawaiian Choice had improved his sugar levels and diabetes and he feels better in the morning when he gets up. His previously low blood pressure has returned to normal.

Glen has stated how happy he is to be sleeping so well and how that is helping him to get through the day without becoming overtired.